And it can be cured with the right treatment. Their wealth and fame did not protect them from mental health issues, because anxiety, mood disorders, and substance abuse are medical conditions. The 34-year-old actress has spoken out about her battle with depression, calling for greater public discussion to help tackle the mental health crisis. By Pooja Bansal On Nov 13, 2020. While not all of them have succeeded, a few stood out. Deepika Padukone shares mental health message The Bollywood actress tells detractors, you cannot ‘snap out’ of depression Published: June 20, 2020 15:23 ANI The film brings another milestone in Bollywood cinema with almost the entire story being set within a psychiatrist’s sessions - breaking cliches of facing a mental illness. In 2014, a film called Hasee Toh Phasee was released, in which the heroine (played by Parineeti Chopra) had an anxiety disorder. There’s no shortage of examples of the misleading and harmful mental illness-themed plotlines in Bollywood hits of the past decade, all of which seem more intent on delivering mental illness as a punchline or device rather than an opportunity for activism or awareness. From Dear Zindagi to Tamasha, Bollywood Tried to Address Mental Health Issues. Mental Health coach, Arfeen Khan on the importance of world mental health day in the Bollywood Industry and how to be positive amidst the negativity. Here’s an example. Serious mental illness is undermined in favor of bringing us one of the most dysfunctional love stories on film; just add it to the Romeo & Juliet files, I guess, for making suicide seem somehow romantic and not an act of complete desperation/the culmination of living with an untreated and severe mental illness. SSRIs are first-line medications prescribed by primary care physicians around the world for the management of patients who are suffering from very real and often debilitating symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. The reason behind the stress, depression, and anxiety in Bollywood can be anything like lack of support, financial problems, competition, and lack of opportunities. Even if someone looks strong and happy from outside, this doesn’t mean that the person is strong from the inside too. Some big names of Bollywood like Deepika Padukone have also been very vocal about facing Depression. Here’s what we know: Indian cinema, especially Bollywood, repeatedly misrepresents mental health and illness. Support Independent Journalism? Only the person suffering the Stress, Anxiety or Depression knows and understands the pain. Bollywood—which can refer to either the specific Mumbai-based Hindi language film industry, or the Indian cinema as a whole—has shown some troublesome trends recently when it comes to the portrayal of mental illness in its movies. But these are just some of the big names now remembered as casualties of suicide. Romanticizing depression might seem like the worst idea ever, but…well, yeah, it is the worst idea ever, but that’s the central theme of Anjaana Anjaani, in which two depressed, suicidal people make a pact to commit a joint suicide on a future New Year’s Eve, like a really, really bad version of Sleepless in Seattle. Please check individual workshop pages for updates on events you were planning to attend. Entertainment Desk July 27, 2019. is a safe space for young people to share their experiences with mental health, mental illness and wellbeing. In a recent interview, the actress opened up about mental health and how people judge when someone opens up about their mental illness. Share. From depression to autism to Alzheimer’s, let’s look at a few films highlighted by Emory University medical resident Farah Naz Khan in her recent article [LINK] about the sad state of mental illness in Bollywood. This is certainly not the first time that conversations on mental health have taken place in Bollywood. We are all in this together. The News Insight - News & Views. Fail, fail, fail. Sanjay Dutt has battled more troubles than most of the actors in Bollywood. The way Alia Bhatt seeks psychological help from Shah Rukh Khan and develops a new perspective on life and finds happiness, Gauri Shinde's Dear Zindagi showed the importance of seeking professional help for mental … 5 Bollywood celebrities who committed suicide owing to poor mental health conditions Various life situations can lead to poor mental health conditions like … But a person commits suicide only in extreme mental pressure. It’s less of a surprise when you take a look at India’s shocking mental health statistics: there are only a scant 4,000 psychiatrists to tend to India’s giant population of 1.2 billion (compared to America’s psychiatrist headcount of 50,000), and in 2012, suicide was the second leading cause of death for Indians aged 15 to 29. Mental Illness and Depression are Real. and mental health. Keep us live. We all have mental health and some of us will experience mental illness – but that doesn’t define who we are we. The list of Bollywood celebrities struck down by depression and mental illness goes on. 5 Bollywood films that focused on mental health. As confirmed in the news, actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide in … Another of the worst offenders is Hasee Toh Phasee, in which main character “mental” Meeta (one half of the rom-com’s lovebird couple) suffers from apparent depression & anxiety, and attempts to treat it with medications (referred to as SSRIs in the film, but identified as having a list of very fake ingredients) that produce wacky side effects like…toothpaste cravings. Mental Health First Aid; Podfest for Mental Health 2019; Podcast. Paatal Lok fame Actor Asif Basra was found hanging on Nov 12 at his residence in Himachal Pradesh. Bollywood Just Can’t Seem to Get Mental Health Right There is a lack of nuance, sensitivity, and representation in depicting mental illnesses in Bollywood films. For the safety of our communities Art With Impact has moved all our workshops online. 5 Hindi movies that positively addressed mental health issues Actress Parineeti Chopra turns in a wonderful performance as Meeta, but that isn’t enough to erase the many strikes the movie makes against an accurate portrayal of mental illness. Bollywood’s leading lady, Deepika Padukone has been significantly vocal in discussing mental health-related issues. Death Case of Young Successful Actor Sushant Singh Rajput was also linked to suicide because of Depression. Mental Health Crisis in Bollywood Mental Illness and Depression. 14 Sanjay Dutt. Contrary to Nikhil’s brilliant supposition that taking anti-depressants means Meeta is a “coward,” studies have long since established the safety and efficacy of SSRIs in combination with therapy to achieve clinical improvement in certain patient populations. I saw Bollywood celebrities and notable figures being called out for creating and perpetuating a toxic film industry, and how they treated Rajput unfairly. Barfi also makes a decent attempt to tackle autism, but as Khan observes, “in a time when one in every 150 newborns born in India is being diagnosed with autism, I need Bollywood to do better.”. However, recent tragic incidents, such as Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide, have spotlighted Bollywood mental health.Unlike Hollywood, where celebrities have embraced discussing mental health issues and seeking professional services, Bollywood has some catching up to do. But the ones that did, carried forward a strong message for those experiencing mental health issues. She additionally started a foundation by the name 'Live Love Laugh', which is aimed at helping people suffering from mental health disorders without dwelling on the stigma that comes with the name. In the last one year, the discussion about mental health and burnout has been gaining momentum. These suicide cases feel like a wake-up call for people to stop ignoring the Mental Health Problems. Actor Aakanksha Singh, who will be seen in Ajay Devgn’s May Day, says that being healthy is … When it comes to mental illness, it looks like Bollywood has some work to do. Why hello there, resilient human! What do you think – is Bollywood up to the challenge? Depression is just like any physical illness which can affect anyone at any point in life. Mental health is an issue few Bollywood films have taken up. Pretty grim, for sure, and indicative of the stigma surrounding mental illness that seems to be routinely reflected in the country’s films. Insight. I saw much-needed dialogue happen between my community members about mental health and the need for much change in the mindset and conversation regarding mental health treatment. Suno Dekho Kaho is the noble campaign to deal with mental illness. Mental Health Services Medical Clinics Drug Abuse & Addiction Centers. Aakanksha … Gauri Shinde and Tahira Kashyap Khurrana to be a part of Mind Your Mind, a panel discussion on children’s mental health. Even though committing or attempting suicide is wrong and nothing can justify this. Says Khan of the film: “So, Bollywood, you’ve taken unusual tics, treated them with your protagonist’s amalgamation of fake ingredients, and then given these pills the name of a very real medication?! Paatal Lok fame Actor Asif Basra was found hanging on Nov 12 at his residence in Himachal Pradesh. As if there already isn’t enough stigma surrounding the treatment of mental illnesses, let’s add unfounded SSRI side effects to that list.”, But it’s not all bad news: both U Me Aur Hum and Black get high marks for their portrayal of Alzheimer’s (important especially in light of the projection that India will have over 14 million people living with the disease by 2050), and Karthik Calling Karthik gets credit for a relatively honest portrayal of life with schizophrenia. Around the same time as Padukone's interview and the passing of the Mental Healthcare Act, Bollywood film experienced a shift in its narrative around mental health issues. This clearly explains that anyone can face Mental Health issues irrespective of Age and Success Factor. According to Police, it is a clear case of Suicide and has no signs of Foul play. … Working in Bollywood Industry undoubtedly is a very stressful job and it is very evident from the rising number of Suicide Cases in the Film Industry. Stay connected with our monthly round up of interesting things at the intersection of art Andhra Bhavan Canteen to reopen on January 28, Serum Institute Fire: Poonawalla reassures Nation. We’re all well aware of the stigma surrounding mental illness and mental healthcare in the global South Asian community, so here’s hoping Bollywood filmmakers stop disseminating information that exacerbates the existing problem and instead start focusing on generating appropriate awareness. Serenity Behavioral Health. It is now of utmost importance to spread awareness about this issue. 114. So, now there are no second thoughts about the fact that Bollywood is facing the Mental Health Crisis and this issue needs to be addressed before it’s too late. Opinion. According to Police, it is a clear case of Suicide and has no signs of Foul play. As a matter of concern, this is not the first suicide case in Bollywood. TNI Evening News Headlines – November 13, 2020, D Purandeswari appointed Odisha In-Charge of BJP, Serum Institute Fire: Maharashtra Orders Probe, Farm Laws: Farmers reject Govt’s “Suspension” Offer. With the shocking news of the recent and tragic suicide committed by rising actor Sushant Singh Rajput, many of Bollywood’s actors have been speaking out about the mental health taboos present in Indian society. … Bollywood—which can refer to either the specific Mumbai-based Hindi language film industry, or the Indian cinema as a whole—has shown some troublesome trends recently when it comes to the portrayal of mental illness in its movies. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); TNI Morning News Headlines – January 22, 2021, Odisha-Mo Parivar brings mortal remains of Odia Youth from…, TNI Evening News Headlines – January 21, 2021, Toshali Crafts Mela 2021 begins from January 21, School Fee Row: SAI International School warns Parents, Lt Gen Chandi Prasad Mohanty to be next Vice-Chief of Indian…, 5T Secretary VK Pandian visits Schools in Bhubaneswar. Mental Health Crisis in Bollywood. You cannot print contents of this website. India may be going through a mental health 'revolution,' says Bollywood star Deepika Padukone Published Wed, Jan 22 2020 11:16 AM EST Vicky McKeever @vmckeevercnbc And the best part is that Kaira isn’t even depressed, she simply visits the therapist because she couldn’t sleep for three days. And it will not be the last if we don’t consider it an important issue. Bollywood is a glamorous world of beautiful actors, fast lifestyles and the latest fashions. World Mental Health Day: Bollywood movies that shed light on Mental Illness As today, October 10, marks World Mental Health Day, which supports the sole objective of creating education, awareness, and advocacy against the social stigma of mental illness, we bring to you 8 Bollywood movies that shed light on Mental Disorders. If you are feeling overwhelmed and need mental health support right now, text HOME to the crisis text line at 741 741 or call the national suicide prevention hotline at 800-273-8255 (U.S.) or 833-456-4566 (Canada). Here are some of the top Bollywood movies which have portrayed mental illnesses. You can read more of Khan’s analysis on these and other films here. We've seen films trying to highlight mental health. After he … Let’s fight the Mental Health Crisis instead of Ignoring it.