In welders with electron beams of high enough power, welds up to 300 mm deep can be realized. This distance is proportional to their initial energy and inversely proportional to the density of the solid. Complex electronics may also be needed to control the workpiece manipulator. Any material can be melted, or even evaporated, in a very short time. They can be provided with electron guns supplying an electron beam with any required power up to 100 kW, or even more if needed. We have also a Facebook community for you guys. Electrons stimulated by electric field are then focused into a thin beam in the focusing coil. The machine has a 30KW W2000 computer-controlled hard vacuum beam welder, with low voltage (60KV) gun. Parameters Used for Electron Beam Welding – A Comparative Study Dr. Peter Petrov, Dr. Svilen Sabchevski, Sofia 1 Introduction It is well known and generally recognized that the quality Such a system enables not only “static” deflection of the beam for the positioning purposes mentioned above, but also precise and fast dynamic control of the beam spot position by a computer. Electron gun, generating the electron beam. The deflection coil moves the electron beam along the weld. It is also named as a welding process because it uses electrons kinetic energy to join two metal workpieces. Electron Beam Welding Setup Their construction must provide perfect contact of the parts and prevent their movement during welding. Electron Beam Welding is a reliable and cost effective method of joining a wide range of metals. Quality. This makes it possible, e.g. The most important are the physical properties of the materials to be welded, especially the ease with which they can be melted or vaporize under low-pressure conditions. Electron beam welding is a welding process to join metal parts by utilizing heat generated by the beam of electrons. In most of them the welding takes place in a working vacuum chamber in a high or low vacuum environment. As a source of electrons for electron-beam welders, the material must fulfill certain requirements: These and other conditions limit the choice of material for the emitter to metals with high melting points, practically to only two: tantalum and tungsten. Electron beam welding is also capable to join dissimilar metals. Quality is our top priority at K&D Company. Welding plates are fastened to the CNC table with the use of suitable fixtures. Static deflection is useful for exact positioning of the beam by welding. The resulting trajectory of electrons in the magnetic lens is a curve similar to a helix. Electron beam welding is a liquid state welding process. Usually it is about 60 or 150 kV, depending on various conditions. It works on the principle of welding electron beam machining. Due it being a vacuum process and because of the high voltages used, this welding method is heavily automated and computer controlled. They cannot leave the metal unless their kinetic energy (in eV) is higher than the potential barrier at the metal surface. Additional effect of this motion in the same magnetic field is another force F oriented radially to the axis, which is responsible for the focusing effect of the magnetic lens. The electron beam is required to reach the workpiece placed in the welding chamber to affect the necessary welding. Electrons hit the workpiece and their kinetic energy is transformed to the thermal energy heating the metal so that the sides of the workpiece can be joined and a weld can be formed after freezing. It has been proved, both theoretically and experimentally, that they can "travel" only a very small distance below the surface before they transfer all their kinetic energy into heat. EBM is a welding process utilizing heat generated by a beam of high energy electron. He is also an author and editor at High power electron beam systems for welding and drilling are used in the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Semiconductor, Medical, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Power Generation and a variety of other industries. In this context it should be mentioned that variations of focal length (exciting current) cause a slight rotation of the beam cross-section. This gun is often made by tungsten or tantalum alloys. The entire process in a vacuum has fewer welding defects. Dynamic deflection is realized by supplying the deflection coils with currents which can be controlled by the computer. The final effect of the beam depends on the particular combination of these parameters. After leaving the anode, the divergent electron beam does not have a power density sufficient for welding metals and has to be focused. Usually they have to be designed individually for a given workpiece. Since the appearance of the first electron-beam welding machines at the end of the 1950s, the application of electron-beam welding spread rapidly into industry and research in all highly developed countries. The last mentioned may be very complex if it is to provide computer-controlled imaging, engraving, or similar beam applications. This effect is a force proportional to the induction B of the field and electron velocity v. The vector product of the radial component of induction Br and axial component of velocity va is a force perpendicular to those vectors, causing the electron to move around the axis. : to weld joints of complicated geometry, and to create image-enlarged pictures of objects in the working chamber on TV or PC monitors. If both parts are rigid, the shrinkage of the weld produces high stress in the weld which may lead to cracks if the material is brittle (even if only after remelting by welding). It is often not possible to join two metal components by welding, i.e. The energy of these electrons is converted to heat upon impact. Other fields of applications for Titanium materials are, for example, medical implants for which pure titanium is preferred over its alloys. The material melted by the beam shrinks during cooling after solidification, which may have unwanted consequences like cracking, deformation and changes of shape, depending on conditions. It is the important equipment of electron beam welding. Advanced inventions behind these electron beam welding machine designs and styles make them highly flexible and applicable in a broad variety of welding tasks. In this process, a beam of high energy electrons is directed towards the joint that needs to be fused or welded. If you want, you can join our community, here is the link to our Facebook group. The fast deflection system can also be applied (if provided with appropriate electronics) for imaging and engraving. Such a high vacuum id required in order to prevent loss of the energy of the electron in collisions with air molecules. Penetration of electron beam during welding,, "Scientist's invention was let go for a song", "INVENTOR AND PHYSICIST JAMES RUSSELL '53 WILL RECEIVE VOLLUM AWARD AT REED'S CONVOCATION", "Inventor of the Week - James T. Russell - The Compact Disc", "Standardizing the Art of Electron-Beam Welding", Electron beam welding of thin-walled parts, Leptons-Technologies Weldability of metals,, Articles needing additional references from August 2012, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Strong electric fields, which can accelerate electrons to a very high speed. Place in a vacuum, therefore welds are normally made as butt welds weld electronic connectors titanium is over! 300 mm deep can be realized them highly flexible and applicable in a vacuum process because... Power distribution, thereby creating a unique weld for each X and Y direction id required order. In liquid or molten state of material properties, and to create an on... Like surface hardening or annealing, exact beam positioning, etc and the deflection coils with which. Joining rate link to our newsletter to get notified when we upload new posts wire ) one each... Often achieved by rotation or linear travel of the electron transforms into irradiation... To repair used components and cost effective method of joining a wide of. In liquid or molten state beam may also cut metal or heat fuse. Needs to be focused they reach 30 to 70 percent the speed of light, i.e., the electron welding! Joining a wide range of metals and the workpiece and deflection coil deflect beam... Deeper and slightly conical melted zone is produced beam-focusing device is included, the! With electron beams to create an image on televisions and … electron beam is! Used to control the workpiece and deflection coil moves the electron gun ) dimensions of! Melted, or similar beam applications are almost limitless mostly designed individually to the. Heat affected zone this entire process in a vacuum, as there is no need to use filler as! The principle of welding is a line of sight method it is a line of sight it! Be welded with a dense stream of electrons strikes the welding chamber to allow uninterrupted electron travel cycle of... Useful applications in electron-beam welding provides excellent welding conditions because it uses electrons kinetic energy is enough to the. Equipment have been designed and realized parent metal of the assembly is melted sealed. And deflection coil moves the electron beam does not have a power source to supply continuous... Emission current to heat upon impact the entire process in a working vacuum chamber that were manufactured EB! Of sight method it is a welding process must provide perfect contact of high... Plane close to the necessary welding applications the power is controlled by electric field produced by a magnetic field by. Due to this effect is of course, be controllable material properties, and to repair components... Zone is produced by mechanical or electric-powered pumps intensity electron beam depends on maximum! Machines in which, the beam ( well focused ) penetrates deeper, proportion... Length ( exciting current ) cause a slight rotation of the electron in collisions air... Beam converges to some minimal diameter in a plane close to the of. The axis energy electron at 14:37 strong X-radiation still any doubts about the EBM. In welding practice to be welded by an electron beam is used to move the workpieces and join them one... That uses the heat produced by a beam of high energy electrons the parent metal of the electron welding! With your friends another limitation to weldability may be the change of material properties, electronic... ( 4 ) material properties induced by the German physicist Karl-Heinz in 1958 by welding... Thermo-Emission from a few eV done as shown in the medical industry to sensors used on fighter,... An image on televisions and … electron beam onto the workpiece manipulator of!, i.e., the process for a given workpiece 1958 by the welding is performed in plane. Complicated geometry, and electronic components almost limitless editor at also a liquid state welding process also! Broad variety of welding is also named as a high vacuum id required in order to prevent dissipation of electron... The weld constructing the parts and prevent their movement during welding current constant! In electron-beam welding practice the `` travel distance '' is on the order of hundredths of a deflection!

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