I'm not wanting to hijack the previous thread, and don't really know if I should be posting this in the Mall, but since I haven't sold any yet, I guess this is ok. ( currently on sale for $194 ) plus shipping. I'm also considering a semi-do-it-yourself door panel kit. I'm talking cloth or viny. Part #67344 PAIR Price: $24.95. GM, Pontiac Fiero seat fabric, Gray, OEM, 1986 Vintage, New (Fits: Pontiac Fiero) $25.00. I do not use lot ends or seconds. They can be ordered directly from the on-line store at RW Upholstery. If the upholstery in your Pontiac Fiero isn’t in the style, color, or material you like, make a change with our custom seat covers, offered in a wide range of fabrics. There is a faction of this community who want a totally stock look. Remove the Seats Four bolts hold each seat in place. If enough people are interested and Songman's contact doesn't work out, I'd be very interested in doing this. Thanks to everyone for their replies. Introducing the New "GT" Style. I think a reproduction of the stock interior fabric/vinyl should be in your line up. More Info. Kick Mat For Car Auto Back Seat Cover Kid Care Organizer Protector Cleaning 2pk (Fits: 1987 Pontiac Fiero) 4.5 out of 5 stars (132) 132 product ratings - Kick Mat For Car Auto Back Seat Cover Kid Care Organizer Protector Cleaning 2pk (even though most do) I just wanted to give the proper credit where due. The leather seats above are very nice. Mr Mike was able to supply me with color matched vinyl to blend perfectly with my new leather seats. In fact, using the wrong car seat shampoo on leather car seats can damage them beyond repair. They are designed to protect your present seat cover. I have owned a 1984, 1985, 1986 and currently own a 1987 GT and an 1988 GT with TTops ( CJB # 643 ) #ShowWinning It will become a hassle for you very fast. Separate the Seat Halves The upper and lower seat portions must be separated from each other. I purchased my first Fiero in 1984 and have been hooked ever since. I'm just now in the process of starting my Fino complete with a new interior; dash, door panels, etc. Thanks again for your help and these fantastic seats!! The best does not cost that much more in the long run. An alternative seat that is probably more readily available in the USA is the Fiero seat. Seat Upholstery & Components. I see absolutely no reason why they can be all cloth, or all vinyl. Find all the details inside Kit Car magazine. The speaker holes are very important to the early years. Mr. Mikes are top-notch... and carries a similar price tag. Can you punch those? There has been such overwhelming interest that I will be making a set shortly and post pics fairly soon after Thanksgiving, unless I can get to it early next week. $17.57 shipping. Posts: 111 From: St. Louis MO Registered: Aug 2004. Just come up with something fair and don't plan any vacations for a long time.... You'll be too busy! ( currently on sale for $194 ) plus shipping. Copyright (c) 1999, C. Pennock I'll be starting on Monday and will post pics as soon as I have anything. Seat Recovering Kits Add MrMikes seats to complete your PISA interior. These two car seats are unusually low and narrow enough to fit in a wide variety of sports cars. You've got to go pretty far to see good seats these days. Initially we will offer fabric and vinyl. Wrap-around Dash An ergonomically designed replacement for the stock Fiero dash, center console and computer cover. $125 is still a sound deal. These seats are primarily used as replacements for the factory seats cover. would be intrested in a set of black vinyl. See more ideas about custom upholstery, car upholstery, pontiac fiero. Listed here are all the possible seats found in Fieros. Pontiac Fiero Leather seats cover are manufactured using superior cow leather. Fiero seats. If you're willing to help, send me an email and I will send you my address... these are basicly the colors i was planning to use on my interior - but i think thats changing, i think i'll be going the black for everything that i don't replace with painted fiberglass panels, [This message has been edited by Kohburn (edited 11-19-2004).]. And I only use upholstery fabric suited for automobile use. So this brings up the question of trying to get a close as possible match to the stock colors. I purchased my first Fiero in 1984 and have been hooked ever since. Do a set up and post a lot of pics in it. The best car seat shampoo for your car depends on your interior and the upholstery of your car seats. The dark bolsters break up the light grey door panels and center console. From left to right..... light, dark, light, dark, light, dark, light, dark, light. Of course, you would install them on your own seat frames. gimme gimme gimme! It's a market that is begging to be tapped. If you are interested or have any comments you can contact me by email at grathke@charter.net. All of these seats are stock. These can be customised quite heavily with leather covers available and the option of using a harness and having speakers in the headrest. I mentioned the labor cost is around 125. I will be charging between 100.00 to 125.00 for both seats plus material. We craft upholstery kits for Fiero and Miata seats. Slide the seat all the way back to get the front 2 bolts and then all the way forward to access the rear 2 bolts. ------------------Nic Email me at my PFF username @hotmail.com. These seats are readily available and inexpensive to find used. OEM Fiero Parts from GMPartsCenter.net. I would love a set of quality vinyl covers. if someone sent you a color to try to match could you do that? Pontiac Fiero Parts - Seat Upholstery. I'm still prototyping the seats and patterns so I don't know what the material cost is yet. 2" X 1" would be fine. Each cover is made to order and many styles, material and colors are available. Its' Troll Huntin' Season, Boys.... Advertizing on PFF | Fiero Parts VendorsPFF Merchandise | Fiero Gallery | Ogre's Cave MrMikes Auto Upholstery - 130 Followers, 1.37k Following, 220 pins | We craft upholstery kits for Fiero & Miata seats which fit a wide variety of sports cars: MG, Corvette, Triumph, & Vintage Mustang and Camaro. I've started an upholstery shop and later a custom canvas / interior shop. Even at that price I sure would be interested. I'm working on a set now that are mostly cloth, with vinyl sides around the bottom cushion, and vinyl outside back . I'll be keeping a list of those interested and will get back to you shortly with pictures. PONTIAC > 1986 > FIERO > 2.8L 173cid V6 > Interior > Seat Upholstery. Each cover is made to order and many styles, material and colors are available. ACME AUTO Madrid Vinyl W/ Encore Velour Inserts . You will get a lot of requests for a stripe here, a differant color there. Examples include: MG, Corvette, Triumph, and Vintage Mustang & Camaro. Yes; People still put Fiero seats in Fieros For instance here is an Indy re-mod (changed to Black & White). Classic Industries offers 1984 Pontiac Firebird Foam Padding & Seat Buns, 1984 Pontiac Firebird Headrests, and 1984 Pontiac Firebird Upholstery Kits. I think the price as you've quoted is very reasonable. Pontiac Fiero seat covers are essential for protecting and covering front and rear seats. Each cover is made to order and many styles, material and colors are available. Seat Upholstery: Choose for Me to Minimize Cost Choose for Me to Minimize Cost. Computer controlled embroidery machines are a flea market biz in L.A. but I don't know if they are as available in other parts of the country. Just to make it clear. Cheap material will not stand up to UV, the kind you find at the local fabric store. Exactly! Car seat shampoo designed for leather upholstery differs from the shampoos that are intended for use on fabric upholstery. You stated that you'll also offer matching vinyl if a person wanted to reupholstery their door panels to match. I'm interested in seats and door panels. I sure am. Started on: 11-18-2004 04:04 PM: Replies: 93 : Last post by: Master Tuner Akimoto on 03-09-2005 04:57 PM: Nov 18th, 2004. grathke Member . I do not use lot ends or seconds. Don't offer too many choices. 1984 Pontiac Firebird Parts - Seat Upholstery. PONTIAC FIERO GT 1984-1989 IGGEE S.LEATHER CUSTOM SEAT COVER 13 COLORS AVAILABLE (Fits: Pontiac Fiero) $179.00. MrMikes Auto Upholstery. PONTIAC FIERO 1984-1989 LEATHER-LIKE CUSTOM SEAT COVER (Fits: Pontiac Fiero) My price will be higher because I can't work for next to nothing. I too am waiting to see what comes of Songman's contact. Nobody expects you to work at a loss. we are all waiting with baited breath for an update from Dale. Made in the USA, shipped worldwide. I've already posted threads here on installing power windows and recovering the sun visors. Pontiac Fiero With Front Bucket Seats With Rear Bench Seat 1985, Seat Upholstery Kit by Acme Auto Headlining®. Welcome to Fiero Interiors. i've got a pair of disassembled 84 tweed seats i can send you whole panels if you want. I hope SongMans guy comes through, but if not put me on your list for instant buyer as long as I get to see some samples first. Re-upholster your Pontiac Fiero with PISA's new leather seat covers. The cutoff I believe is 1968, so from '69 on, Fiero seats will fit, and '68 and earlier they won't. The Pontiac Fiero was a lightweight, 2-seat, mid-engine sports car manufactured between 1984 and 1988. When you say stock replacements... you talking cloth or vinyl? I've kept my industrial table and supplies and am thinking of coming out of retirment in regards to Fiero interiors. I'm ordering material today and hope to sew up two sets shortly. We manufacture all of our Pontiac Fiero seat covers from OEM or upholstery style fabrics, like the Scottsdale seat cover, the Madrid seat cover, and the Regal cover. 1985 Pontiac Fiero 1985 Pontiac Fiero Seats Pair With Speakers In Headrests With Seat Tracks Rail. Cheap material will not stand up to UV, the kind you find at the local fabric store. 1988 GT Leather 1988 GT Lumbar 1988 GT 1986/1987 SE/GT Leather/Suede Made in the USA, shipped worldwide. www.mrmikes.com 941-922-5070 . Above: Miata seats in … I'll know shortly and will post pics. We deliver the art of custom upholstery to auto enthusiasts in the form of ready-to-install kits. Send 'em this way! These are slip on seat covers and not a replacement cover. The ones pictured by the way are Mr. Mikes leather seats for those who don't know. One will be a dark gray cloth / dark gray vinly standard set of seats for my own vehicle. The … Not just for price but also for selection and quality. Jun 19, 2016 - MrMikes Light Gray Leatherette Red Cloth option Regular 2-tone Classic Style Silver Indy 500 Logos mrmikes.com I hope that everyone else is as happy with your product as I am. I support anyone going into a Fiero related biz. It is a good possibility, I'll be checking out the padding situation as I make them up. I'm also in the neighborhood so I could save on shipping! $495.00 People rant and rave about the look of the Mr Mikes ones and almost all of them look amaturly (not all, but most) installed. Pics of what covers should really look like will get attention. Just let me know what you wish to have made, The price is $249 pr. I thnk that's a great idea and was one reason why I went with Mr Mike's seat when I built my Firebird styled interior. I think what you are suggesting doing is a good thing. var vglnk = { key: '648e5b7ed9eabf8d014415b9e7a6c157' }; (function(d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src = '//cdn.viglink.com/api/vglnk.js'; var r = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0]; r.parentNode.insertBefore(s, r); }(document, 'script')); I've been watching this thread with interest (. I ordered and picked up the materials on Friday for the first set. I like the idea of multiple vendors. This assembly saves you money by reusing the stock gauges, fascias, and switches; plus it … I am interested. They are designed to protect your present seat cover. They are for sale for $700 ($50 less than the seat … Don't let wear and tear make your seats look sub-par, protect them with custom Pontiac seat covers. Not only does it match the interior beautifully, it breaks the colors up evenly from door panel to door panel. Fiero is Italian for proud, and it made Pontiac proud when it was the pace car at the Indianapolis 500 in 1984 where it beat out the Corvette for the privilege. maybe a 2-tone simulation leather black and red just incase you want to sew them up for me tonight lol. Information about the process, pricing, and a potential alternative will make it easier for you to decide if you really need to get your car seats reupholstered. If enough people are interested, I'll do a set of seats that I have in the shop and post some pictures. I will volunteer to be a guinea pig! Hopefully you can get a sample from a protected area of the seat. I'm extremely interested. I could get very interested in door panels. I also would be interested in the your DIY seat sets. 84-88 Seat Recline Handle Pins (2) Part #88254 Price: $1.50. thats still a decent price if his contact falls apart so consider me interested as soon as their are some good samples also if you need a test subject i think im a good start due to the fact that my seat covers suck but the "body" is in great condition. MrMikes Fiero Upholstery Kits : World Wide Shipping of Custom Upholstery Kits: 941- 922- 5070 10-4 M-F eastern time ... Jason Writes: Hello MrMike, These are the absolute best seat coverings I have seen! [This message has been edited by grathke (edited 11-18-2004).]. They can be ordered directly from the on-line store at RW Upholstery. I would like to see some pictures, get some people to test fit,and report to forum. I would prefer to pay a little extra and have higher quality than save money and have them fall apart. double-click on this link to follow my interior build-up http://www.fiero.nl/forum/Forum1/HTML/023174.html, Blue 87 GT w/ 4th generation Firebird interior. Leather may be later down the road. Page 1 of 1 84-88 Seat Recline Handle. Classic Industries offers Pontiac Fiero Foam Padding & Seat Buns, Pontiac Fiero Headrests, and Pontiac Fiero Upholstery Kits. Mr Mike does excellent work ! Feedback score: N/A Leave feedback: If you think you might need car seat repair or replacement due to damage or wear and tear, read this article to find out what goes into about automotive reupholstery. Will they look like the stock fiero seat skins? Yep... Definitely interested. And I only use upholstery fabric suited for automobile use. Let us know. The best does not cost that much more in the long run. BTW, I just ripped mine apartand the color is a 95% match to the new material called Beachwood. Introducing the New "GT" Style. The new coverings would be installed by you by removing the door panel and covering and stretching the new skin over the face of the panel and glued to the back side. The link is located on the Products Page, Custom Products Designed for the Pontiac Fiero. An update. There seems to be quite a bit of cloth under the seat so that shouldn't be faded as bad. If you do that charge a premium for the hassle. Just let me know what you wish to have made. I hope you decide to start making the covers. The material charge will be dependant upon the type of material you chose. ------------------ Signature courtesy of MinnGreen. I would sew up a new covering, suitable foam and such. If you are looking to replace new seats cover on your car, then you will need to remove the old cover first. Seat Upholstery Instructions. My price will be higher because I can't work for next to nothing. Doing a fino also. I would buy some seat skins from you,the door panel thing sounds good too. Everyone will get excited, especially is they look great. Your prices are very reasonable. At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Pontiac Fiero seat covers to ensure that you have every seat cover option available to you. If enough people are interested and Songman's contact doesn't work out, I'd be very interested in doing this. Part #66789 PAIR Price: $34.95. Now to warn you, I only use the best materials. Fiero Seat Upholstery by grathke. Price: Alternate: No parts for vehicles in selected markets. Now to warn you, I only use the best materials. I may work on different styles later. But it will be considerably cheaper than other sets out there. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Pontiac Fiero seat covers, so that whether you are looking for leather Pontiac Fiero seat covers or cheap car seat covers or anything in between, we've got it for you. It will not necessarily be one piece of vinyl but could be several to make a nice new look to the tired old doors. Include instructions, hog rings and hog ring pliers. Real-Time Chat | Fiero Related Auctions on eBay I'm in for seats.. vinyl back and sides with fabric center section is what I want. Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Seat Upholstery for your Pontiac Fiero. My favorite color combo for grey interior is... - Center section = light grey (same color as door panels and glove box)- Outer section/bolsters = dark grey (same color as dashboard and steering wheel). But in vinyl or whatever? The more choice's the better. I'm wanting to post pics quickly but will certainly not sacrifice quality just to get them out. The price is $249 pr. Fiero Seats. Plus I will be offering vinyl, fabric, or a combination of both in different colors. Oh yeah for everyone else here's the pic that started it all off from Songman: ------------------Custom 85 under construction, 87 Coupe in the driveway. Can you piece work those options out? If any of you are interested in helping in that regards, would you send me a small sample of the fabric and viny. At this point all I know for sure is the ebay ones aren't what I want and Mr. Mike's are too expensive for me. Feb 8, 2019 - MrMikes Auto Upholstery delivers the art of custom upholstery to auto enthusiasts in the form of ready-to-install kits. Emphasize that you are only using quality. At first the upholstery will be stock replacements. I'd be interested too. Make that two of us. I already have MrMikes Italians in my GT, but may be looking for something for the Formula. Free shipping. I think you could get enough people interested. I'd just like a lighter cloth center. with speaker holes, Make the first set mine better yet 2 sets as long as it is less than Mr Mike what you have to do is decide on a few color schemes and stay with that if not every one will want red with pink ,blue with green inserts, black and stock colors will be in high demand. Mr Mike's Leather has a set of tan, leather Fiero seats that were made for a customer with a Mk I, before they knew that Fiero seats wouldn't fit in a Mk I. And if you send your patches I will sew them in. yes, im in need of new seat skins as well.. for a reasonable price i will be very interested. And I would think the vinly should be ok, either from the back or side up against the console. Grathke I told Songman that I also would be interested but if that falls through I'm in.I can supply 88 beachwood color sample just let me know where to send.Also in Songmans post he mentioned that his seats had added padding in the bottoms.If you look it really looks more defined will you attempt this? 84-88 Seat Mechanism Cover. Or mostly vinyl with cloth inserts. I will charge between 100.00 to 125.00 for labor for both seats. I have owned a 1984, 1985, 1986 and currently own a 1987 GT and an 1988 GT with TTops ( CJB # 643 ) I have over thirty years experience in the Upholstery and auto interior industry and have made some restoration products and custom upholstery over the years for my own Fiero's and now enjoy making them for the other Fiero owners. Of course, you would install them on your own seat frames. I sell a lot of stuff here and have a few ideas if you are interested. 1.2K likes. We offer a unique line of restoration and custom upholstery products for the Pontiac Fiero. (1984-1998)/1984-1988 Pontiac Fiero GT Sport Front Seat Upholstery Kit U990 This Acme Auto Headlining Co. Pontiac Fiero GT Sport Front Bucket Seat Upholstery set is a high quality product following the factory pleat design, sewing pattern and factory attachment points.