Going through some great vintage fishing gear I've collected over the years and wondered if this is an appropriate forum to request help? When remodeling our house we found two vintage bamboo fly rods in original ... Hi I have a bunch of vintage rod and reels ranging from bamboo fly rods to ... What is the price for a heddon pal fly rod bamboo #8357 mark 2 8 1/2 ft, Split cane , bamboo , hickory vintage fishing rods. Rod making, restoration, repairs and discussion on those related topics concerning bamboo rods. We are looking for high quality bamboo fly fishing rod collections, large or small. Those unique ferrules are seldom seen on any other rod that wasn't made by Chubb or Montague. Wrapped in black silks with … Early bamboo fly rods can be very valuable. ... here is a three piece bamboo fly rod (see attached photos). I swear I recognize the logo but this fisherman seems to be getting old ☹️. Collecting antique bamboo fishing rods has become very popular over the years and there are plenty of collectors and dealers to choose from if you are on the lookout for something to add … This site accesses and is available to all bamboo fly rod makers. We usually have a selection of bamboo fly rods. Clark Makers." 1 $600 Game Fishes of the Unites States $300 SOLD! The market for high quality vintage bamboo fly rods and reels is strong and new rods & reels are constantly coming into our shop. The result is a great mix of the material, tapered bamboo, … It has an extra tip, but the ferrules on the extra tip look like they may be from a different manufacturer. I inherited a Wards Premier bamboo fly rod. Choose a 'maker' to view available rods. These were done by a hobbyist and not to factory quality standards. Jim. But, it is all there. This board is for discussing the repair and restoration of bamboo fly rods, makers discussion and construction techniques relating to same. At Redwing Fly Rods, we build a series of bamboo fly rods. Looks identical to yours. The snake guides suggest post-1900 production. Jeff and Al register and join us. Landman is remembered for producing rods of high quality and today, 100 years after his death, they are both collectible and fish-able. Reel Grading System Thank you. I refinish stocks with it, and they look like glass. Rods both cane and fiberglass from makers … Bamboo Rod Makers Welcome to bamboorodmakers.com. Casting Reels Trying to find out a maker and if this rod is worth anything, You may never find out unless you supply many photos of the ferrules, guides, tiptop and any markings partial or complete that might render a clue. Hundreds of affordable vintage bamboo fly rods bought and sold. He built his first rod in 1934 by studying a do it yourself book on building rods and finding skilled rod makers in Europe who would help him refine his skills. As the business grew into a fly fishing specialist, they partnered with American fly rod … We are specialists in new building projects, historical … Thank you very much, your answer is greatly appreciated. I can't find any labels or maker marks on it. Dan, my money is on J.B. Daniels of Auburn (and later Scarborough) Maine. If it's Japanese, what's missing from the end of the reel seat is a blue rubber plug. E.g. $64.90 shipping. Loop fly rods. I have this old bamboo fly rod. $450.00. Although Hardy Bros. was famous for their full line of high-quality fishing reels they also built rods in all sizes for all types of fishing to include; fly fishing rods, spey rods, baitcasting rods, light saltwater boat rods, and big game fishing rods. I dont know much about this kind of rods.. but thank you for every information. There are rod makers who have used the combination of red & green colors, like Pezon & Michel of France, but none were executed like the wraps shown here. [Photos] 0286 Montague Leaping Brook, 9', 3/1, bamboo fly rod. ©2021 Antique Fishing Reels - All Rights Reserved   |   Design by: Virtual Dreamz, Inc. I assume there was some kind of "jewel" in the end of the grip. In addition to custom rods, we offer a variety of previously owned rods, reels and other fly … $17.99 shipping. So if it is cool to ask, here is a three piece bamboo fly rod (see attached photos). In order to enable us to continue to grow the Library we have created the Rod & Reel Exchange. Landman used guides with a left-hand twist so that tip may be from another rod. you read and agreed to the. Tru-Oil, at least two or three coats, would work. Please enjoy browsing our bamboo rods for sale from classic makers such as Paul H. Young, Thomas and Thomas, Lyle Dickerson, EF Payne, HL Leonard Rod Co, Goodwin Granger, and … Vintage fly rods and reels that we consider collectible, unique and tend to be on the older side and carry higher prices as a result. It does not have any markings, but it has the case and velvet holder which both have EHB (his initials I assume) stitched on it. Vintage Japanese WWII Bamboo Split Combo Fly or Cast Rod Set Original Wood Box Handle sticker says Number One Special Rod First Class Fishing Rods(Sticker in wood box) 6 Piece rod set including handle Fly Rod- 8 ft. I got my first Bamboo Fly Rod, which was a Hardy Palakona in Frederickton, New Brunswick, when I was 16 years old. I wrap with nothing more complicated than a spool of thread, a razor, and a coffee mug. MADE BY THE WRIGHT & MCGILL ROD CO. Wright & McGill purchased the Goodwin Granger Company in 1946 and by the middle of 1947, they began to offer Granger Rods for sale once … I was given this 9'-6" rod in the 80's from a friend of my father. Anyone here have any idea on the history, or manufacturer? Asbjorn Horgard was and angler who had an interest in building his own split bamboo rods. 9', 3 section. I have a partial label ... How much is a JC Higgins 3 pc. I just purchased a vintage bamboo fly rod in an old box. Search your area for nearby makers. Its 2.60m long. A fine custom rod maker, who visited Hoagy Carmichael's shop several times back in the day, meticulously produced replicas of the Garrison rods and others. Contact Us I assumed an old rod like this was not fishable as the bamboo would get brittle over time and may snap easily? Is it marked Shakespeare? model # 3027, Vintage Fenwick Feralite FF80 and FF85 Gen.1 Fly Rods, Fly Fishing Equipment Of A Non-Fly Fisherman. “Pinky” Gillum rod for $10,030 in 2013 and a Garrison Model 201 fly rod … There are no markings. We can custom craft a rod to suit your specific needs and tastes. We welcome your knowledge on fly rods. 1 bid. You seem very knowledgeable with bamboo rods. One further question. Local makers understand the needs of the local angler. I have been curious to know more about it. It looks like the finish either wore off, or someone tried to strip it. Generally, those rods were made of inferior materials and finished with a very thin coat of varnish, but we couldn't expect much more from their $3 price tags. I'm probably not worried too much about how much it's worth. JIM BEASLEY - MAKER, TN, MODEL "PARA 14", 7' 9" 2/2 5 WT, Medium fast dry fly action. 561-818-1081 | 561-748-7508 | Ed@AntiqueFishingReels.com. Most likely produced by John Landman, of Brooklyn, NY, and possibly sold through Abbey & Imbrie between 1900 and 1915. Large Production Reel Companies, Big Game & Salt Water Reels This one probably dates to the Twenties or Thirties. Selling used bamboo fly rods, bamboo casting rods, bamboo spinning rods and fishing books. They must look yummy, because I've already lost 3, to fish bigger than my tippet could handle. I picked it up at a yard sale, for a couple bucks. Tackle. Find local bamboo rod makers. I picked up another bamboo fly rod, in not too great shape. This rod displays a Garrison rod in virtually every facet of its design. Picked up this fly rod today no maker marks any idea what it is? It's gone. If you have others, post photos of them. By the onset of World War II had built up quite a business of building rods and reels. Examples would be different techniques or methods used by restorationists and makers… I have been fly fishing now for 56 years and I had my first "love affair" with Bamboo over 46 years ago. We will be listing quality bamboo rods and vintage fly … By fishnmgn, 4 years ago on General Fishing Questions. Spinning Reels Get the best deals on Hardy Vintage Fishing Rods when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. He said it was his grandfather's pride and joy. By the onset of World War II had built up quite a business of building rods … Serial #110207-1, Nice dark flamed cane. If I repair it, I'll fish with it. Check for trade marks, numbers, signatures, look at the metal parts, control the quality of the … Fosters of Ashbourne, Pezon and Michel, Alex Walker, Marcus … Is there any chance you could help me identify some unmarked ones? Is this a danger, or is there any value in it to a collector that I may not want to risk using it and breaking it? Millions of Japanese combo rods are floating around and you can spot them from 20 feet away by the use of that blue plug. Then you'll need to go to YouTube to find a video on the basics of rod wrapping. [Photos] 0282 Montague Sunbeam, 9', 3/1, bamboo fly rod. Misc. It's a trolling rod with many characteristics of his rods. Most likely either H-I (Horrocks-Ibbotson) or Union Hardware. South Creek Ltd. is your premier shop for custom, hand-made bamboo fly fishing rods by renowned craftsman Michael D. Clark. Vintage Fishing Photos The thread is green, if that has any bearing. RODS: 9 1/2' Payne Model #435 Dry Fly Salmon rod… Free shipping on many items ... Vintage Hardy Brothers bamboo fly rod. Thanks for the info. What are the most valuable fishing rods? Al, we like your collection of rods. Welcome to the NEW Antique Rod & Reel Library. Free shipping on many items ... Heddon 14 - 8 1/2" 2-Piece Bamboo Vintage Fly Rod! Any ideas? I tried using it... How much is a jc higgins bamboo fly rod worth? Thanks, Al. I have some very old rods here, including ones given to me by a Chinese family who claimed they are 100+ years in age and came from China (yes they are bamboo). Bamboo casting/spinning rods, collectable fishing books and catalogs. Can anyone tell me something about this bamboo fly rod? I didn't think it would be a high dollar rod. No markings visible either. It doesn't require buying pricey equipment for jobs of this type. Let's see what you've got. Vintage Bamboo Fly Rod Identification. Fishable but no value to collectors. Good luck, By entering this site you declare We pride ourselves in accurate descriptions and honesty in all transactions. They were originally wrapped in jasper, a black & white striped thread. We offer custom gunstock restoration using British bespoke finishes. It has all the ferrules, but the whipping is coming loose. View our inventory of classic and vintage bamboo fly rods which at times include: Paul H. Young, Jim Payne, Everett Garrison, Thomas & Thomas, Orvis ... M.D. The Pocket Fisherman, Instant Fishermen, Fishing Machine & a Berkley 308 on a Folding Rod. So, while I was looking it up, I ran across this thread. In 2007, an 1860’s Norris antique rod sold for $17,920 at a Lang’s Auction.The same auction house, which specializes in fishing tackle, sold an H.S. If I get a chance to restore it, this winter, I'll send you a pic. As long as it holds together you can fish it but you should expect modest performance and durability, at best. From your photos it looks like a Japanese-made combination rod that has been rewrapped in green. In 1944 he was imprisoned by the Nazis for being involved with an underground group, however, after the war he began producing rods and reel again. Fly fishing is a sport that has been enjoyed for several hundred years. I'd appreciate... How do I determine the age of my South bend rod #47 vintage fly rod? Get the best deals on Bamboo Vintage Fishing Rods when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. It was an 8 foot three piece rod … Bamboo Rods Rick's Rods specializes in buying, selling, consigning high quality vintage and collectible bamboo fly fishing rods. I have a bamboo fly rod looks to be about 8feet 6 . Cast Rod … The nickel plate is coming off. Ending Jan 18 at 12:46PM PST 2d 15h. We are paying higher prices for 8 foot and shorter bamboo fly fishing rods. Where we live, no one seems to fly fish. Hi Jeff, Split cane fly fishing rods from other quality makers apart from those brands already named such as Hardy and Farlows. Collecting vintage rods… One of the tip sections, the one wrapped differently , has snake guides with a right-hand twist as well as a less expensive ferrule. Any ideas what finish would be good on this? Too bad the original decal/marking is gone. I have one I just picked up at an antique store. Blued nickel silver rod ferrules. Fly Fishing Reels Besides big game reels Horgard also made a line of fly reels. Hey guys, I have this old bamboo fly rod. Can this wrap be linked to a particular maker? I'll see if I can track Ron down. The most comprehensive reel site on the internet, Big Game & Salt Water Reels Photos & Info. I picked up a vintage Fenwick 320 fly-fishing rod last week. Horgard's reels were well built and many were finished with the gym locker green crackle style paint seen on this large example. $109.95. your split bamboo rod was made by montague.. Tim is right, your rod is a US made Rapidan made by Montague. Horgard continued to make bamboo rods up until the 1970s at which point he started making rods from contemporary materials like fiberglass. Some of the makers' rods we want … Hardy’s largest big game rod … ... 0288 Vintage Split Bamboo Fly rod, 9', 3/1. Be it an old bamboo or fiberglass fly rod partnered with a vintage fly reel like a Hardy Perfect or a Pflueger Medalist or even a modern reel, people still enjoy fishing them. Split and Glued $250 The Lovely Reed $400 Fishing Bamboo $225 Offers considered for one or … I'm taking pictures of other rods and will upload shortly. Birchwood-Casey Tru-oil? Surfaces should be cleaned off with alcohol and 0000 steel wool before applying. I was out, this evening, and totally forgot about a Shakespeare 1362, I picked up, a couple of years back. The following rods and reels have been sold by us recently. I know Ron uses quality components and the hardware on your rod is pretty good stuff. I bought it from a guy for only 8$. Vintage Bamboo Fly Rod … How long is the rod? Thanks for that quick and gracious reply! Very old though !! He built his first rod in 1934 by studying a do it yourself book on building rods and finding skilled rod makers in Europe who would help him refine his skills. So, I started tying my own, about a week ago. Thanks Jeff! Asbjorn Horgard was and angler who had an interest in building his own split bamboo rods. Though it's uncommon anywhere outside the Northeast, it has no appeal to the highroller collectors but since I'm in Maine I collect Daniels rods so if you decide not to keep it let me know. To name several builders rods of interest to us, are rods … Vintage Rods High Quality Makers I know of a rod maker named Ron March who lives in Michigan. This new section of the Antique Rod & Reel Library is a place where one can participate in the buying and selling of vintage fly … VERY OLD HARDY 3 PCS 2 TIP 9’ LIGHTWEIGHT PALAKONA ... A FINE VINTAGE HARDY NUSEA ROD 9FT 3IN IN CORRECT MAKERS … Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials, Vol. This site is an attempt to link as many of today's bamboo … With care many antique fly rods are still usable, as bamboo is a very resilient, long lasting material. I can't find any labels or maker … Directory of Fishing Rods for sale. Passing through the... View full product details ... Particulars For sale is an early pre-1920s Highland Mills Payne bamboo fly rod … Even though it's not high quality, it still impresses me that someone has the patience to shave and glue these together. Clear pictures can make a big difference. Loop was founded in 1979 as a mail order business and small retail store by Christer Sjöberg and Tony Karpestam – two young enthusiastic fly fishers.