Why you should consider outsourcing your embroidery digitizing


From the title of this post, you might think I’m just trying to sell you something!  Sure, my argument in this post supports outsourcing your embroidery digitizing, but as you’ll read, this advice will actually help you grow your business more than you realize.  Learning to digitize or having an employee that can digitize is not a bad idea.  In fact, I recommend it whenever possible.  However, as we’ll discuss in this post, there are plenty of reasons not to become an expert digitizer.  Of course the size of your business and the roles each person fills, will help determine whether you should have an in-house embroidery digitizer or if outsourcing is the way to go.  Below are five points to consider.

  • Emergencies

    It’s always a good idea to have a backup embroidery digitizer in case your digitizer is sick, on vacation, too busy because of other work duties, because you’re too overloaded with internal digitizing orders or you have a last minute rush order! 24hourdigitizing.com has digitizers working around the clock, during your work day or during your night.  In other words, if you get a last minute embroidery job at the end of the day but don’t have anyone available to digitize the design or don’t want to stay late digitizing yourself, send the order to us and we’ll do it while you sleep.  Our tagline is “send your artwork by dinner, get your embroidery file by breakfast”.  Of course we do same day rush orders as well!  It’s always best to plan ahead.  If you don’t already have a FREE account, create one NOW here so you’re all ready to go when that emergency comes.  Emergencies come at the least expected times, but we can still have a plan B ready.  If you already have a great digitizer in-house, we’re okay sitting the bench.  Call on us when you need us!

  • Focus

    The Power of focus is huge. Our brains can really only focus on one thing at a time.  The term “multi-tasking” really is very misleading and those that attempt to multi-task are much less efficient than if they just focused on one thing at a time.  For most entrepreneurs, taking on one task at a time isn’t really possible, that’s why it’s important to determine where we’re most effective and eliminate distractions.  Wise entrepreneurs only do those things that they are best at.  For those that figure this out early, it makes all of the difference, but the key is figuring it out period!  Ultimately, figuring this out is the difference to just getting by or breaking the bank! Determining which task to focus on is easier when you do the math.  Is your in-house digitizing slowly and quietly, distracting you from getting to the next level?

  •  Savings

    I’ve noticed a trend with embroidery companies. I’ll share the trend in a moment…  Many people want in-house digitizers because they want the control.  Some think they’re actually saving money.  For example, most entrepreneurs are much better at selling or closing deals than they are at other tasks, including embroidery digitizing.  Let’s just assume for example, however that you are a very good embroidery digitizer.  The key is determining where you are most valuable!  If you don’t close the sell, will someone else?  Can you assign that responsibility to someone else?   Can you afford to focus your time on embroidery digitizing when you ought to be closing the deal?  How much profit is there in your average digitizing job vs profit in your average order?  Do the math!  (And we haven’t even discussed the cost of digitizing software which can run $8,000-$10,000 for the top of the line suites that we utilize every day.)

Here’s the trend I’ve noticed.  One of the reasons embroidery companies give for keeping their digitizing in-house is because they want to save money.  However, (and if you’re one that gives the same reason, you’ll have to ask yourself this honestly) for some reason, because they do it in-house, they tend to devalue the digitizing set up fee to the customer.  In other words, they don’t charge enough for the digitizing and in the long run, it’s not really making them money nor saving them money.  Companies that pay for their digitizing, make sure they profit from their digitizing or at least they charge enough to cover the cost.

Another thing to consider, is if you have an in-house digitizer, they typically want & cost more money than a typical embroidery technician, because they have a greater skillset.  And with employees, come matching taxes, benefits, etc. that add up.  When outsourcing your embroidery digitizing, you only pay for what you get.  No matching taxes, reports, etc.  I’d recommend you do the math.  How many designs did you have digitized last month?  How much did you pay your employees to do the digitizing and sew outs associated with those same designs?  Doing this exercise might surprise you.

  •  Quality

    Of course quality is a big reason! One customer told me that they lost a great account because they were undercut on price.  However, the next year the same customer returned and said that they returned because the quality of their embroidery was by far better than anyone they’d seen.  The embroidery company realized it was because of the embroidery digitizing.  The great thing about this story, is now they have a customer that won’t question the price, because the quality is better.  Why is the quality better?  Because, we have full-time embroidery digitizers that do just that, digitize, all day every day.  And they have years of experience.  Embroidery digitizing is really an art form and we have embroidery artists!  Most people can’t compete with that and who wouldn’t want artists on their side?

  • Time

    Most people get into business so they can have a better lifestyle. I’ve never heard anyone say they started their own business because they just want to work more.  I think it’s universal, we started our own businesses so we could be our own boss, choose when we work and won’t work and what we’ll do and won’t do.  To control our time.  However, we quickly find that we’ve become slaves to the business or customer and as quickly as the dream of business ownership came, we find ourselves working late, missing family events or just out of energy to do anything else when we’re not at work.  If that’s you, then this is your invitation to make a change and take back your time and your life!  Your spouse and kids will thank you for it!

As I started this post, I still recommend you have enough knowledge of embroidery digitizing in order to make small edits as needed.  This can be crucial as your in production and just need a minor tweak.  However, if you don’t have the software or expertise, you can request a rush edit and we’ll get it back to you right away sometimes in just minutes, as if we were in another room at your office.

Now’s the time make 24hourdigitizing.com your artwork partner!

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