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Earlier this year, the Advertising Specialty Institute released data collected in research they began in 2006 in 21 world metro markets to determine the value of the various promotional products. Unsurprisingly, the use and popularity of promotional items has been growing year after year, world-wide!  See the results of their “Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study” here:

The research determined that in the U.S., a custom embroidered cap will generate 3,136 unique impressions over it’s life time, more than a t-shirt or jacket and even writing instruments in many of the markets.  The value of an impression is what is difficult to put a value on. Radio, television, online marketing and other media determine their pricing based on readership, viewership or how many “eyes” will see the ad.  Unlike, other forms of media, there is arguably more value and influence in “personal media”, especially when it comes to clothing and accessories.  We influence and are influenced most by those in our personal circles.

Below are some valuable points to consider when determining whether or not to use custom embroidered hats for your next campaign or to go with something else.

12 Factors that Make for a Good Promotional Item

  1. Item people want or can use
  2. Used regularly
  3. Good visual impact (will it be seen?)
  4. Will be around for some time -Long Lasting
  5. Won’t break easily or wear out
  6. Not easily lost or taken – (wearing someone’s hat is like wearing their underwear)
  7. Not size specific – (one size fits most)
  8. Good for both male and female (more and more women are wearing hats)
  9. Unique item – gets people talking
  10. Not everyone is giving out (if your competitors aren’t using, may set you apart.  If they are, maybe reason to do it so you’re customers wear yours instead)
  11. High perceived value
  12. Low price per customer and per impression

As you consider the list above, you’ll see that custom embroidered caps are a great option when considering the impact of your promotional objectives.

21 Great ways to Grow your Sales with Custom Built Caps!

  1. Say “Thank you” or Reward existing customers
  2. WIN-BACK customers who’ve strayed
  3. Bounce-Back Promotions after recent purchases
  4. Direct Response Promotion- Gets the customer to take action
  5. Up-Sell Incentive
  6. Package a hat with other items
  7. Sell the hat but for less on purchase over $X.XX
  8. Promote an Anniversary
  9. Promote a New location
  10. Promote a New product or service
  11. Promote a New Name
  12. Promote a website
  13. Co-Op Branding **(this is a great way to get it for less money – see below..)
  14. Gift -Give away
  15. Increase foot traffic: Give-Away to the first X visitors each day
  16. Create awareness at trade shows or events
  17. Joint venture promotions & partnership advertising
  18. Ice breaker for prospective customers
  19. Say “Thank you” or reward employees or reps or partners
  20. Employee retention and recruitment – job fairs
  21. Uniforms

**Co-Op:  Check with your suppliers.  Many manufacturers have co-op funds already set aside that will pay for or offset your costs just for adding their logo to the cap.   It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Even with this extensive list, you’re sure to come up with additional ideas.

Case Study:  Hats increase group ticket packages

hawks hat

Todd Rahr, former General Manager of the Minor League Baseball Team, Boise Hawks (Boise, Idaho) knows the power of custom embroidered hats.  In previous years they had trouble selling their group ticket packages.  The Hawks increased group ticket prices AND increased sales by giving every group member a FREE custom-embroidered cap with their All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet during the game.  Sales increased to the tune of almost 9,000 group attendees in 2006 alone and even more group and general ticket sales in 2007.  “The hats paid for themselves!” said Rahr.  “It was a no-brainer!”

Do you have any additional insights?

How have you used embroidered hats to promote your brand or customer’s brand?

Share with us your ideas by commenting below!

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