You Spoke, We Listened!
What you’ll find in the NEW

  • Vector!!  Now Offering Vector Re-creation!  Get all your artwork services in one convenient place.
  • Easy Edits  Now requests & keep track of edits from inside your account
  • Fast-er Quotes Right from the home page (no login necessary)
  • New Credit Card Billing Features  Avoid entering your cc# on each order
  • Compressed Order History  No longer wait for the order history page to load.
  • New Search Tools  Search inside your account to easily find old orders by PO# or Job Name
  • Job Name Fields Puts the Job Name in the e-mail subject line for easy ID and search
  • Online Credit Application Easily apply for credit terms
  • Membership Rewards  Get rewards and discounts for becoming a member (monthly fee)
  • **Pricing by stitch count range  Prefer flat range pricing vs per thousand stitches?
  • Multi-user Accounts for employees or multiple locations
  • Invoices & Account Statements in .pdf Available instantly on demand
  • Name Stacking Order multiple names in one file with color separation for each
  • Multiple Image Upload skd  Now, upload sample product photos with your artwork?
  •  Wholesale Designs  Now purchase popular pre-digitized designs cheaper
  • How to Videos Coming Soon…
  • And much more…


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