Making the best of your slow embroidery production days!

Making the best use of slow production!

Do you have slow or down time?  Most embroidery and screen print companies that have been around a few years have learned to realize what times of the year are slower.  Smart sales people plan for these down times with specific things they can do to reach out to new and existing customers.  One sure way to impress a future or present customer is to get them a sample embroidery sew out or embroidered product fast, within a day or two of meeting or calling on them.  Customers love to see their design or logo stitched out in color.  A top quality digitizing sample will get your customer over the hump to placing an order.  Embroidery Digitizing Samples are one of the best closers.   Some of the best sales people use this method all year long.  They budget a specific amount toward hi quality, targeted prospects and then they get samples out to customers every month.

 Here are some tips on how you can make your custom digitized embroidery samples close the deal:

  • Be sure to get a good copy of the customer or prospects logo. Hi-resolution .jpegs are great and usually the easiest to work with.
  • If you’re struggling getting a clean copy of the customer’s logo, consider searching online. Microsoft-Paint (a free program located on all Windows based computers) is great for copying, prepping and submitting artwork for embroidery digitizing especially when the customer isn’t quite sure how to get the artwork to you.  Be looking for a how to video soon on how to use this nifty tool!
  • Be sure you get the colors right.
  • Sew the logo on a tight knit fabric for the best results, however if the customer is looking at a specific style of shirt or fabric or they have been getting a specific style, you might want to consider sewing the sample on a similar fabric for an apples to apples embroidery comparison.
  • If the customer has been ordering from a competitor, try to get a sample before ordering your embroidery digitized file so you can know what they’ll be comparing your sample too.  this can at times make or break the deal.  The reason is because your client may have a specific expectation based on how their logo has been sewn before.  It’s important to understand their expectation.
  • Whenever possible, if you are trying to match an actual sample from a customer, scan it or take a clean picture and send it in WITH the hi-res artwork. (Send both files.  On the new website, you can now upload multiple images for one order.  So if you have pictures and artwork files, it’s simple and they are all stored in your virtual account for reference or to download later.)
  • If there are any differences between the hi-res artwork and the sample embroidery, be sure to find out what the customer wants and explain in the notes any specifics. Their logo may have been altered or they may want the embroidery slightly altered.
  • Recognize how the logo will be used on different colors or even different fabrics. For example, let’s say the design has small text and will be embroidered on a fleece vest or a terry cloth towel.  You may want to have a solid fill box placed behind the small text (in the same color as the background) to give the text a flat, clean surface.  Or perhaps the deisgn is on a white background, and white thread is not needed, however on a dark fabric, the customer may want the white background added.  Be sure to make notes like these in the notes section when placing a digitizing quote or a digitizing order.

Quality Digitizing is the key to great embroidery!  Submit your sample artwork and watch your sales climb with expertly digitized embroidery files!

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