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If you’re like me, when an embroidery machine or one of the heads goes down, it gives you a bit of anxiety.  Not only does it halt or slow
production, but it takes time to repair, possibly a technician needs to be called and parts can be very expensive.  I’ve always tried repairing machines myself, and only call in a technician after multiple unsuccessful attempts.

For years, I bought parts from the machine dealer that sold me the machine.  They were the trusted source.  I didn’t even think I could get parts anywhere else and so I never really looked.  I didn’t question the pricing, because I thought it was my only option.  It wasn’t until years later I discovered a company that offers genuine brand parts for all types of embroidery machines with much better pricing and they carried all types of other supplies such as threads, bobbins, scissors, hoops, etc.

Let me introduce you to Sew Many Parts.   https://www.sewmanyparts.com/pages/Contact/

You’ll find that they have nearly everything you’re looking for.  They offer original Parts, generic parts, used parts and will even search to source hard to find items.  And you’ll be glad to know that if you ever have a circuit or motherboard issue, they also offer electronic repairs.

They’re not a huge company but they don’t have the big heads like the big boys either.  You’ll get prompt and courteous customer service and an easy to use website for ordering parts fast.   Everyone claims to have great customer service but slogans don’t fool customers.

Some of the big brands, (I won’t name names) are anything but friendly and helpful!  If you’ve had similar experiences or just want to save some money, I highly recommend my friends at Sew Many Parts.

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