Embroidery Digitizing Made Easy

When you get your finished embroidery file, it should sew nice and clean the first time!  Just like this – because we’ve already sewn and tweaked the design!

There are times when an embroidery file does not sew perfect the first time.  Factors can include the type of fabric the file was digitized for.  Examples:  A logo with small text may not sew well on loosely knit fabrics such as knit caps or socks, or a logo with heavy density/fill may not sew well on very thin fabrics. Other factors may include backing, thread and bobbin tensions and overall machine maintenance.

If you’re experienced and know what files sew best on what types of fabrics and have all of the other machine preparations nailed down, you should expect your files to sew nicely right out of the box (or email).

Of course, hats can present some challenges, as there are many types of hat styles, fabrics and structures that can influence the overall embroidery quality.

If you do receive a file that needs a few tweaks for whatever the reason, we’ll edit the file until you’re happy!  Your files should sew out just like this video.

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